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Reserve Hotel At Dunning Mills Inn

Dunning Mills Inn Accepts Weekly Reservations*

Queen Rooms:    $319.97 plus tax per week ($45.71 per day)

King Rooms:    $346.99 plus tax per week ($49.57 per day)

Jacuzzi King Rooms:    $381.99 plus tax per week ($54.57 per day)

Two-Room Suite:    $449.54 plus tax per week ($64.22 per day)

We also offer a rate for a minimum stay of 3 days (Sunday through Thursday only):

Queen Rooms:    $65.00 per day

King Rooms:    $70.00 per day

Jacuzzi King Rooms:    $75.00 per day

Two-Room Suite:    $98.00 per day

Please call us at +1 (540) 373-1256 for reservation availabilities and more details.

*Our prices are based on 1 or 2 guests for Queen, King, and Jacuzzi rooms, and up to 3 guests for our Two-Room Suite. (Additional guests per room may be considered, but at an additional charge).